Arnold Schwarzenegger – Biography (TV-RIP)

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Those of us who had become familiar with Arnold and his progress in the public domain from the time he first became the outrageous success he was in the bodybuilding world, also knew the world was hardy prepared for this steamroller of a human being, a man for whom the normal rules simply do not seem to apply. Other famous bodybuilders had tried to use their muscles and brawn to jump-start a Hollywood career, and although several such as Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott had been major stars in action films during the 1960s, neither was able to translate what was in actuality a brief spurt of public interest in men with superior physiques into a sustaining career.

And, for those of us who knew Arnold when he was merely the greatest bodybuilder of our generation, from the beginning there was something about Arnie that defied all the rules other mortals belabored under. Using the modest investment cash gained from the sale of his small gym in Munich to start himself, Schwarzenegger bought an apartment building and soon bought more property, growing up into the booming California real estate market in a way that propelled him into the ranks of the wealthy long before he ever read a movie script. Similarly, he and bodybuilding buddy Franco Columbo started a masonry business in Santa Monica, putting their brains and brawn to active work, and raking in the resulting financial dividends, reinvesting them to make the money work as hard as they did. This was no ordinary muscleman, and indeed, no ordinary young man. As revealed in this interesting and provocative A& E video biography, Arnold is simply more focused, more driven, and more talented than the rest of us ordinary human beings. .

As the story unfolds, we are treated to the real man behind all of the miscalculations and misrepresentations of the media, a man extremely driven to succeed in America, and willing to make the sacrifices to do it. Many people have underestimated him, only to find out later that there is much more to the man than an Austrian accent and a huge bicep. If a guy with a last name like Schwarzenegger can so beguile the public to become one of the biggest movie stars of the 1980s and 1990s, than perhaps we do have to recognize that America is still the land of opportunity. And as he has recently demonstrated by becoming the new Governor of California, nothing seems to be too big a challenge for the big guy. And it is perhaps too soon to assume he is finished as a movie star. After having a small success with “T-3′, the third of the Terminator movies, it is rumored that at some point he plans to also make a third Conan epic. If either of those is a big a success as is possible, than perhaps he will stick around for a while. Just remember, one thing he has proved again and again, is that he will always “be back”! Enjoy!



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